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About Us

Welcome to TryBowl
Fast, good, and affordable comfort food from Japan, Philippines, and China. All made to order and all in a convenient bowl form so it’s easy to take to go or eat in.
What We’re About

Ever wanted a good fast meal that won’t hurt your pocket?
Ever wanted something good to eat but nothing was open?
Sick of LA hotdogs after the club/bar?
Then you’re in luck ’cause TryBowl is now here to meet all your needs.
Stay updated on our page to see what new info will be posted.

Whats The News!

Introducing Phantom Train Special!
Created from a long lost recipe guaranteed to bring you back to full heal. Has a ginger and basil marinated lean pork shoulder wok grilled with sweet onions and delicious red peppers and finished off with our secret Ka Ryu sauce. Then we top it off with a fried egg and with a swirl of Sriracha to finish.
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1303 El Prado Ave
Torrance, California 90501


(310) 995-9533

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